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Death and...

TAXES. Somehow I have managed to not do my frelling taxes yet. So guess what I'll be doing this weekend. I know it shouldn't take me more than a few hours, but I expect I'll owe, and I have no money, so I'll probably charge it. I have money I could withdraw, but not from readily accessible accounts, it takes a few days to process.

I was out of work almost all of last year. I collected unemployment for the first few weeks of 2002, with no withholding. I worked one contract job where I did have them do MAX withholding, hoping to offset things a bit, then I started this job in mid-November and did standard withholdings. But I also yanked $10k out of my 401k to survive on after my savings were gone, and there was no withholding on that. All told I guess I brought in maybe $20k, so i'm hoping it is low enough that the reamage isn't too bad. They'll probably be pissed that I didn't file estimated taxes each quarter too - I got penalties last year for the same thing. (Yeah, ok, that's my fault...)

I'd pay someone to do them for me, but at this point I doubt I'd get an appointment. So I'll just do them myself.

And I've had all the forms, etc, for MONTHS - sitting on the couch most of the time, 3 feet from me. I kept 'meaning to do them' and not getting to them. *grumble*

This week at work has been entirely too stressful, and I've gotten FAR too little sleep, so I'm really edgy now. Kinda have that "I need to cry or kill someone, either way" feeling going. I really need a hug. More than that, I need someone to curl up with and just hold for a while. Yeah, that'll happen.

And The Beta I was part of officially wrapped up tonight. I'll miss it, it was a big time suck, but the people involved were very cool. So that's not helping my happy shiny mood. Though the person who ran the beta thanked me and said they'll probably want me back for the next one since I was very helpful. Of course, since December I made 1600 posts in the beta forum - the next highest number was 652, tied for two people. So I was just a *wee* bit active... (No details, since I signed an NDA.)

I think I'm going to Ralph's tonight for beer and maybe a chili dog or some other unhealthy but eminently satisfying bit of grub.

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