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Out of the frying pan...

Well, it looks like I won't be making the Packet Slingers Union BBQ this year - since it is August 14th and I'll going to be in Hollywood, FL working the Cyphermint booth at Internext August 13-15.

That'll be interesting.

The past couple of weeks have been a total blur, and the next couple leading up to the show probably will be too. I have demos to complete, web content to write, docs to finish... The new website (that probably doesn't work yet, DNS was just updated) needs to be up before the show with the new content. Content for which I'm largely responsible.

At the same time a slew of customers are doing implementations, or I'm responsible for chasing them until they do. One customer did their implementation today - less than a day start to finish. That makes me happy, it means I did something right when designing the gateway and even the draft docs must be usable.

We also had a mini-crisis with another merchant who went live last week. Listing 'Pay Cash' in the payments methods caused a spike in the calls to their support from people confused about how they could pay with *cash*. I *knew* that would happen, I've long said we should write 'PayCash' at a minimum because it doesn't look as much like a generic English phrase. And 'PayCash System' or 'PayCash Wallet' are less ambiguous. But Sales and Marketing had insisted on 'Pay Cash'. Well, the clients CEO had them take us off their site to stop the calls until something else could be used. I made several suggestions and it was a bit of a panic, but they liked 'Cyphermint Wallet' and we were back on the site in the afternoon.

Today has just been crazy. And I'm not done yet - and I've given up on doing MOST of what I was going to do today, because I got sucked into other things. Which means it all rolls over to tomorrow, and the deadline for some of the stuff is end of day tomorrow, some by the end of the week. Anything for the show needs to be done in time to be printed, or burned on CDs, and shipped to the show ahead of time.

Now I need to book my tickets. Maybe at some point I'll post what *non-work* stuff has been going on the past few weeks, like seeing z_gryphon. I *so* need a gf to keep me out of the office. :-)

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