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The adventure continues

So I called the automated system this morning and got the exact same message - in transit, call if you don't hear from us in 4 hours. Well, since it had been over 8 hours since I first called I called again and talked to a human. She informed me that my bag was on a flight arriving at 9:25 and it would take two hours to clear scanning (I have no fucking idea either, don't ask) and then it'd be sent out for delivery. And that there'd be a 4-6 hour delivery window.


So I called the VP of Sales, who is heading up the posse down here, and filled him in. He agreed I should just cab it over to the airport and snag my bag. So I called Song/Delta back and told them to keep it at the airport and I'd get it. They told me, again, it would be available after 11:25. I really don't know why a forwarded bag would take *two hours* to clear when people on the plane get their bags a few minutes after landing. But whatever...

So I headed over the the airport around 11:00 and got there around 11:20. I asked for my bag at the baggage counter - and they had no idea what I was talking about. The guy looked up my ticket and said the bag had come in that morning and should be in with the other bags, which were piled up around the place. Well, it wasn't. So he said maybe it was out on the carrosel - for a flight that had come in 2 hours earlier. So I walked around the place, and it wasn't on any of them. But as I was walking back I spotted an oversized package slide hidden in the corner under the escalators.

Which is where my bag was sitting, probably since 09:25, or so. I let them know I had it (and if I wasn't such an honest person I would've just left and then made a lost baggage claim for the money, just for the hassle) and cabbed back to the hotel.

Upon returning to my room I found that the chargers for my cell phone, headset, and PDA were all gone. Seems that when I asked for a cab to the airport the guy at the front desk presumed I was checking out. They did find the stuff and return it to me.

Now I'm going to get ready for real and head over to the show.
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