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Random comments

So I'm watching the Saturday night toons off my TiVo and I have some random comments.

- Ok, so when Slade and Terra are totally taking over the city and the Titans are missing and all - where the hell are the other heroes from that universe? Like, oh, Bats? Considering Robin was missing and all. Or any of the JL. An *entire city* was under seige, you think they might notice that.

- The folks doing JLU have made Wonder Woman especially sexy, IMHO. Especially in her civies I think. Bats is a lucky man. ;-)

- Ed Asner voiced Hephaestus. Ed Asner?! Well hell, according to IMDB he's done voices on Johnny Bravo, Duck Dodgers, Family Guy, Duckman, Superman, Animaniacs... OK, my image of Ed Asner just changed quite a bit...

- Fred Savage as Dove... That's probably the Fred 'Wonder Years' Savage... Yep, it is according to IMDB. Oh, he also voice Wego 1 & 2 on Kim Possible.
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