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A survey

the scar you're most proud ofI don't know that I'm proud of any - maybe the burn on my right arm, but that's mostly faded
your favourite condimenthot sauce!
if you have frecklesA few, varies with sun exposure
your preferred method of cookingProbably the microwave. :-) But I like my wok, stir-fry is easy and tasty
what shoes you're wearingRight now - none. Shortly I'll be wearing my Timberland boots to go out to dinner.
how many children you have0
the first person you french kissedHmm, I think that would be Rebecca, in 1991.
your preferred breed of dogNo preference I guess
where you were bornSchenectady, NY
what colour underwear you're wearingRight now - none. I'm still in my sweats that I sleep in. Shortly white briefs to go out.
where your keys are right nowOn my night stand.
if you have split endsI shave my head.
when you last got laidSexual relations? A couple of months. Sexual intercourse? A couple of years.
your opinion on airline foodI've been flying since I was very young, around 30 years now. Airline food as DRAMATICALLY improved. Some of the stuff these days is pretty good. And first class food is great. Even the cattle car sandwiches on some airlines are decent now.
what cosmetic surgery you would considerHmm... If anything magic surgery which would reduce weight.
best kiddie playground equipment to have sex onNever had the pleasure *ahem* - but I'd think the swings, you know, like a sex swing.
your worst maladyI don't think I'm currently diseased. Most recently too many migraines.
if your mum loves your dadI believe so
if you can sing wellI don't have a great singing voice.
what your olympic event would beshooting
someone you admireMy maternal grandmother
which country would be hardest for you to locate on a mapI'm bad with maps - probably something like Mozambique
the last time you criedHmm, I don't know - probably a within the past few months
your most interesting sexual congress locationThey probably mean intercourse, which wouldn't be that interesting - like the floor of the Elm street apartment - but for other things, Higgins Garden at WPI, a bus in NYC, etc. ;-)
part of the Sunday papers you read firstComics
the languages you speakEnglish, Perl, PHP, ASP... Oh, programming doesn't count...
the religion you were raised inRoman Catholic ostensibly - my family wasn't too religious. I went to RC school until 7th grade, but I gave up on religion around 5th grade.
if you can draw wellfreehand art - not really. But I'm a fairly decent draftsman.
your favourite photographI don't know that I have one really. Photographs tend to tie to specific memories for me.
what you should be doing instead of thisgetting ready for dinner. Gotta rush now. Bye. :-)

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