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Yeah, I know this makes me a bad person

I've been reading a number of the sex related LJ communities, especially the advice ones, and my overall reaction to a lot of the entries is "You! Out of the pool! You're not qualified to have sex! Until you know *anything* about your body, reproduction, etc, you're a menace to yourself and others. No sex for you!" Especially the people claiming to be 15, etc. "It isn't statutory rape because we're both 15." No, sorry, it doesn't work that way. "I'm experiencing itching, burning, and discharge - do I have an STD?" Well, something sure as hell ain't right - see a damn doctor! "My girlfriend seems to have a urinary tract infection and instead of talking to a doctor we talked to some guy who told us a bunch of bullshit about possible causes." That's nice, get her to a doc before she fuckin' dies from toxic shock. (My dad almost died from a bladder infection when I was in my early teens. He didn't bother going to a doc and eventually the toxins built up in his blood and he got delirious.)

Yeah, yeah, I'm old and grumpy and flagrant ignorance gets my hackles up. Sex is fun, yeah, but the recklessness and irresponsibility displayed is amazing.
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