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From tonight's JLU

Tonight's episode had some *great* dialogue. The writers have really gotten the witty banter down. This episode was all comedy, all the time. Good stuff, very silly.

WW and Bats on stakeout:
WW: Don't you ever wish you were down there?
Bats: I'm down there all I need to be.
WW: Yes, but its just a job to you. I'm talking about going down there and having some fun. Maybe... Maybe with someone special. *fetching pose* *pause* No. No dating for the Batman. It might cut into your brooding time.
Bats: One - Dating within the team always leads to disaster. Two - You're a princess from a society of immortal warriors. I'm a rich kid with issues. Lots of issues. And three - If my enemies knew I had someone special they wouldn't rest until they'd gotten to me through her.
WW: *Crushes stone/concrete with bare hands.* Next.
*alarm bell*
Bats: There!
WW: Saved by the bell.

WW: Circe! Be careful, she's...
Bats: Yeah, I've read the Odyssey.

Zatanna: Circe huh? It was all over the mystic ethernet that she made parole.

B'wana Beast: How you doin'?
Zatanna: My legs are fine, as is the rest of me. Up here. *points to face*
B'wana Beast: Whoa, she's got the fire of the cheetah in her. *growl*

Medusa: C-girl and me did some time together back in the pit of eternal torment. That's where they hang you by your ankles and weasels come each night to eat your fingers. They grow back the next day, but trust me, it gets old real quick.

*looking at 'statues'*
Zatanna: You've got to admit, Medusa does good work.
Bats: Too good.

Circe: Insolent trickster, you dare to strike... *hit with chair* ow. You dare to strike... *hit with table* Ouch! You dare to strike... *covered with cloth* Quit it! Oh no... *hit with piano* *toes curl like in Wizard of Oz*
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