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What do TiVo, James Burke, Magdalen Hsu-Li, Eyrie Productions, PMX, and MA singles have in common?

They're all subjects of communities I maintain! tivolovers - jamesburke - magdalenhsuli - epu - pmx - wormtownsingles


tivolovers is for TiVoholics - TiVo users and fans, or anyone curious about TiVo. If the links on the community's info page can't answer your question, then someone in the community probably can. I also try to post links to any TiVo related news that I come across, so it is a good way to keep current with the world of TiVo.

James Burke

jamesburke is a new community for fans of James Burke, author and TV host. Mr. Burke is famous for his fascinating take on the history of science and technology, and the interactions therein with the growth of society. You may know him from his TV series Connections, The Day the Universe Changed, Connections2, Connections3, or After the Warming, or his books Connections, The Day the Universe Changed, The Axemaker's Gift, The Pinball Effect, The Knowledge Web, Circles, or Twin Tracks.

Magdalen Hsu-Li

magdalenhsuli is a community for fans of the talented singer-songwriter, Magdalen Hsu-Li. Magdalen has been compared to Ani DiFranco, Tori Amos, and other talented female musicians. Her moving lyrics and powerful voice make her a musical force to be reckoned with.

Eyrie Productions, Unlimited

epu is a community for fans of Eyrie Productions, Unlimited. USENET's largest producer of quality fanfiction since 1991! EPU is known for stories such as Undocumented Features, Hopelessly Lost, Gods Willing, Street Fighter: Warrior's Legacy, and Neon Exodus Evangelion. ludo fore putavimus

Pacific Media Expo

pmx is a community for Pacific Media Expo - which was held for the first time on May 29-31, 2004 in Anaheim, CA. PMX was founded by former Anime Expo staffers to be more than the traditional anime convention, it is an Asian media convention - covering music, anime, live action film, and even Japanese Wresting. PMX is the first convention to stage full scale concerts, using the Anaheim Arena. PMX is planned to be an annual event.

Central MA and Worcester Singles

Worcester, MA is semi-affectionately known as Wormtown - hence, wormtownsingles. It is a nascent singles community for Worcester and the surrounding central MA area.

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