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I wonder..

Why is it we can enjoy things when they're optional when we dislike the same things when we have to do them? For example, when I started out in my career I worked in tech support. I never really liked it, especially at Xylogics. Problem solving all day, especially answering *stupid* questions or questions that people could've answered themselves if they'd cracked a manual. It gets old, answering the same questions over and over... and over.... and over...

So I was glad to put that part of my career behind me.

Right, so why do I spend so much time on tivolovers,, the TiVo Help Forums, numerous Yahoo Groups, etc, answering questions? And why do I enjoy helping people with their questions? It is often the same questions over and over, and some of the questions are, frankly, dumb - many wouldn't be asked if the person had opened their manual. But I keep refreshing the pages just to see if any new questions have been asked.

I'm sure if it was my job to answer all of them I wouldn't find it very enjoyable...

Well, just a semi-drunken thought. Time for unconsciousness.
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