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Crappy day

Woke up this morning and my head was exploding. Tried to wait it out, gave up, emailed in 'sick', crawled back into my cave, pulled the sheets over my head, and whimpered until sweet unconsciousness took me again.

I'd set my alarms for 13:00, thinking maybe by then the Excedrin and additional rest would allow me to go work a half-day. Woke up, felt better - but better is relative, still felt like shit. Decided I'd be burning a full sick day, crashed.

Got up again at 17:00 since I'm supposed to be going to be pre-Purgatory Gweep Piss-Up at The 'Shoe tonight. I don't feel like shit anymore, but I don't feel good either. My head still hurts, but it is more like an aftermath headache. And I feel drained. So I'm not there, I'm here, at home, writing this post instead. I don't think I can face a noisy pub tonight, and I think alcohol is ill-advised. Tomorrow is the big, once-a-year, Gweep cookout, followed by the sushi mega-fest, and I'll be real pissed if I miss that. So I'm missing tonight's gathering to hopefully play it safe and be OK tomorrow.

And I was really looking forward to tonight too. Bah.
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