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Anyone going to the Seattle Museum of Flight? Boston Museum of Science?

So, anyone going to Seattle? Want some free passes to the Museum of Flight? See, I'm a member and every year for the past 3 I've received 6 free passes. I live in MA. I haven't been to Seattle since the trip when I went to the museum and joined as a member. I have 18 Guest Passes. They don't seem to have any expiration. It doesn't say anything about being accompanied by a member, but there is a phone number I suppose I could call and check if anyone needs to know.

Anyway, I really don't have use for *18* of these things, or even *1* in the foreseeable future. So if anyone has use for some, let me know.

I also have a bunch of Boston Museum of Science passes. 2 exhibit hall passes, 2 Planetarium passes, and 4 Omni theater passes. The first expires 12/31/03, the others 06/30/03. No note about having to be with a member. If you want them, let me know. Because I have *6* expired Omni passes, 2 expired Planetarium passes, and 2 expired exhibit hall passes - but they told me that if *those* are accompanied by a member with a current member card, they're still accepted. So I have backups if I ever get around to going... (I could probably organize an outing I suppose...)

I think I may even have more lurking around my apt.
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