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Poll code

Code for that poll I posted, since it was in a protected entry

<lj-poll name='Things You Must Do To Make Me Happy' whovote='all' whoview='none'>
<lj-pq type='check'>
Check all that apply:
<lj-pi>FROM NOW ON</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Wake up</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Read my mind</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Hurry up</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Proclaim your love</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Switch the laundry</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Remember what I tell you</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Remember what you tell me</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Let me win</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Get some therapy</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Think before you speak</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Fantasize about me</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Be real</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Be somebody else</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Be yourself, but better</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Be like me</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Be on time</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Call if you're going to be late</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Calm down</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Buy me something</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Defend me</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Get it yourself</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Acknowledge I'm right</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Read the newspaper</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Chew in silence</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Bare your soul</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Shut up</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Give me the remote</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Take off that shirt</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Leave me alone</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Pop that zit</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Admit you're a bad driver</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Like it because I do</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Make the bed</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Make someone's day</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Worship me</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Stop picking</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Use turn signals</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Tattoo my name on your arm</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Find my jokes funny</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Do my bidding</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Soothe my inner child</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Soothe your inner child</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Earn more money</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Caress my hair</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Tell me I'm hot</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Knock first</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Repeat after me</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Speak your mind</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Lower your voice</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Get some taste</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Make 2 plus 2 equal 5</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Serenade me</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Grow up</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Divorce your parents</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Take care of me</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Consider everybody else</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Bring me flowers</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Sing me love songs</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Turn off the lights</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Don't call me that</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Massage my ego</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Massage my body</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Teach the children</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Stop smoking</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Start smoking</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Eat more</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Lose weight</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Wear your seatbelt</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Practice safe sex</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Stop humming</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Learn the words</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Pretend to like my family</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Wipe that look off your face</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Go to your room</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Tell me everything</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Eat your vegetables</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Use apostrophes correctly</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Stay on the sunny side</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Wait on me hand and foot</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Remember the punchline</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Be my ally</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Plan ahead</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Call for takeout</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Expand your horizons</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Replace the toilet paper</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Toss the empties</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Plan for the worst</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Pretend I'm a superhero</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Mute your personal scent</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Have hope</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Get over it</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Stand for something</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Share my fears</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Coddle my insecurities</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Use a fork</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Turn me on</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Turn yourself on</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Smell the roses</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Set the alarm</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Wax metaphysical</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Screen my calls</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Walk the dog</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Get over yourself</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Climb a tree</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Get a makeover</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Read to me</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Kiss me with tongue</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Respect me in the morning</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Stop whining</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Accept compliments</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Accept your body</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Spoon me</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Stop saying "like"</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Stop saying "um"</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Take the high road</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Open up</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Be the better person</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Express yourself</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Offer to help</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Pay the bills</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Turn the music down</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Rub my feet</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Make up for everything</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Give a damn</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Gaze upon me</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Meet my needs</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Do everything right</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Hold my hand</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Hold the elevator</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Put your arm around me</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Praise my intellect</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Get a job</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Push your chair in</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Last longer</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Complete me</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Log off</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Drop your drawers</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Pull up your pants</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Get smart</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Accept the double standard</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Cure cancer</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Jump me</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Take your hands off me</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Don't use that voice</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Pick up some milk</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Drop it</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Watch me</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Leave a light on</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Look at me when I'm talking</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Feed me grapes</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Crack my back</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Spit out your gum</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Turn off the TV</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Turn the page</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Scratch my scalp</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Get a haircut</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Bring me breakfast</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Tell me what to do</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Stop bossing me around</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Take it easy</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Make an effort</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Impress me</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Be more specific</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Get a life</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Give me a break</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Challenge me</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Have a drink</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Have another drink</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Take your vitamins</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Replace the batteries</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Hit the snooze button</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Act like you mean it</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>Mean it</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>PRETTY PLEASE</lj-pi>
<lj-pi>OR ELSE</lj-pi>
<lj-pq type='text' size='50' maxlength='100'>

"Happiness is overrated - you can be happy without it"
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