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Possible Eyrie outage on Monday

Sometime between 09:00 and 17:00 on Monday my landlord is having the fuses replaced with circuit breakers. That means turning off all power to my apartment. This is a good thing - some weeks ago the old fuses were replaced with 'safety' fuses and after living here for two years without blowing a fused I've blown at *least* half a dozen 15 Amp fuses and that's with trying to be careful. I used to be able to run the A/C, deep fryer, microwave, and have the lights on without a problem. Now sometimes just the lights and fryer blows a fuse. Fortunately the kitchen is on a different circuit from the EPU servers - but all the lights are on that circuit.

While the servers and network gear is all on UPSes, I don't know how long the power will be out. So if it is out for too long, things will shut down. I'll be at work, but I believe the machines will auto-boot when power comes back. So this is just a heads up for a possible outage, and I won't be able to restart anything that doesn't recover until I get home, probably late evening.

So if you have anything you can't afford to be without for a while, make a local copy just in case.

Hopefully the power isn't out long enough to drain the UPS.

Note, this is not the same as my last post in epu about the Speakeasy outage.
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