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I just did the largest purge of my friends list I've ever done - I dropped a *lot* of communities, and a fair number of individuals. None of it was personal, no one ticked me off or anything. Just lately I've been feeling like my life is on auto-pilot and I'm stuck in a rut, spending a lot of time just keeping up with things. So I've decided to cut back on some things, including how much I read on LJ. There are some people who I think are very cool but we just have different interests so I find I'm not really into most of what they post about. Other people haven't posted in a LONG time, so I figure they abandoned LJ. And some folks it just seems like our interests diverged at some point and that's life, nothing personal.

If I dropped you and you're sitting there going "Hey! I read your LJ and the friends posts!" Comment and let me know, I'll probably re-add you if you want. If you're wondering why I dropped you in particular and what to know, ask. Heck, I might've goofed since I was dropping so many journals I may have collected the wrong one in the purge. Especially if I know you personally outside of LJ, I was trying not to drop any of those.
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