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I'm an All-Star, baby!

It is the little things sometimes - today TiVo made me an 'All-Star' on the TiVo Help Forums.

TiVo All-Stars:

1. Are active contributors. TiVo All-Stars are passionate, experienced TiVo users who are generous in sharing their unique product expertise. They also take a few moments to make sure they’re communicating their responses and follow-up feedback to their fellow TiVo users clearly and effectively. They also routinely aid users by passing along links to other TiVo resources.

2. Are welcoming to new users of the site. While newbie questions can be tiresome to experienced product users, TiVo All-Stars are happy to meet all users -- even newcomers, as they know that everyone has to start somewhere, and that the person you help today may end up assisting you with something else tomorrow.

3. Respect all users. TiVo All-Stars always adhere to the Terms of Use and never do anything to disrupt the forums experience for another user. They also refrain from participating in flame wars or online disputes with other users.

4. Have experience to burn. The most valuable site contributors are ones who have deep knowledge of their TiVo or know how to ask the right questions to help another user identify his or her issue.

5. Are lifelong learners. TiVo All-Stars often visit and the help forums just to keep abreast of new issues they may run across in the future, or to pick up new tips that help them use their TiVo products to play or work even smarter. They’re also always on the lookout for interesting content or user feedback that TiVo could benefit from in developing their current and new products.
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