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Ooh, shiny...

I've long liked the idea of integrated devices, so I can stop carrying a Palm *and* a cell phone around. But to date the integrated devices have been lacking. The final block that really kept me from an integrated device was screen resolution. The 160x160 screens on my old Palm IIIx and Visor Deluxe always kind of bothered me, and once I switched to the Hi-Res color screen on my Clie NZ-90 I knew I couldn't go back to 160x160 displays. And that's the best the decent integrated devices, like the Treo 600, had. Now the Treo 650 looks like it may be what I've been waiting for. 320x320 is a decent display - not quite as nice as 320x480 but still good, and BlueTooth for my headset. And it supports EDGE for higher performance data connections, and the Blazer 4.0 browser should actually be decent.

Hmm, it may be time for another upgrade when AT&T picks this up...
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