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I am weak...

I just spent more money then I probably should've - but sometimes you just need retail therapy.

First I decided it was time for a DVD-RW drive that I could use with different systems - like my laptop - hence an external drive. I decided for USB2.0 & FireWire to be safe on the connection options. And after reading a number of reviews, and weighing in my personal bias, I ordered this. Pioneer DVR-108 drive in an external USB2.0/FW enclosure. Decent price I think.

And, since I was on a roll, and it has been on my mind for two months now, I broke down... remember this entry from 9/9/04? Yeah, I just ordered the Cordless Collector too. I know it isn't cheap, but, damn, SHINY! And I have SO MANY things to scan!

I should probably not shop online at the end of a long day...
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