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Cellular provider opinions - bluetooth support

Ok, last fall I was gung-ho about getting a new Kyocera 7135 Palm phone. Well, Verizon finally has them in, and I went in and poked at the *one* they have for demos at Solomon Pond. It is indeed nifty, just a big bigger than my Star-Tac, and selling for $499. Which is what I paid for my Star-Tac the day they hit the street. And if this were last fall I would've ordered one then and there.

But it isn't, and PalmOS 5 devices are out, with better performance, nicer displays, and bluetooth support. I've had a chance to play with both the Palm Tungsten T and the Sony Clie NX-70V. I know the 70V doesn't have BT, but it has the same form factor and screen as the NZ-90, which does. The physically larger screens, which are hi-res (320x320 & 320x480, respectively) are *so* nice. There is also the Sony Clie TG50, which is 320x320 with a keyboard. (I'm also considering digital cameras, and since the NZ-90 has a 2-megapixel camera built in, that'd probably satisfy me. And for ~$665 ( the cost about the same, or less, than a similar camera plus a standalone OS5 PDA.)

I couldn't bring myself to settle for the smaller display, lower power, and older OS since I use my PDA a lot more than I use my cell phone.

Since Verizon seems glacial about adding bluetooth to their lineup, I'm looking at other options. It looks like at least AT&T Wireless and T-Mobile offer one or two GSM phones with bluetooth. I really don't care much if my phone is CDMA or GSM, GSM coverage is a LOT better today than it was 5 years ago. I thought Sprint had a bluetooth phone for their PCS/CDMA network, but I don't see one now.

Does anyone have experience with bluetooth support from any cellular provider? Barring that, any experience with AT&T Wireless and/or T-Mobile? I live in Worcester and work in Marlborough, and spend most of my time between Worcester and Boston, so huge roaming areas aren't *to* important. I do travel a bit though.


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