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It seems I have some coworker(s) reading this that I don't know about. So - hi there.

How do I know? Well, last night I made a post venting about my dislike of the corporate website and someone here saw that and pointed the designer who used to maintain the site at it. Which is fine, if I make a public post then anyone can read it - like this one. He got upset because he felt I was slamming him, so I feel that since the old post was public (not anymore, I filtered it) this should be too.

His name is Roger, and I did *not* mean to slam him. Roger has always been helpful in my two years here. When we needed to crank out a website for PayCash in two weeks a few months ago Roger was right on top of it, turning around our requests for images immediately. Yes, I have issues with our site. I worked on the HTML4, CSS2, and WAI W3C recommendations - so it really bugs me that our site is so far outside of standards compliance. And it bothers me that many of the links only work in IE, when I use Mozilla Suite. I can't use our own site from my Linux box because I, obviously, don't have IE there. I also have a general dislike of frames, and I feel the use of them on our site is unnecessary. The 'IE only' attitude, frankly, really pisses me off on *any* site. This is just one I have some ability to fix.

I don't blame Roger for these things. He was given the design and had to work within it. We talked about this just after I started two years ago when the site was redesigned, and I raised the issues then. But his hands were tied. I've also been unable to do more than offer suggestions because it was 'outside of my area of resposibility', so I was told to just leave the site to others and not try anything. I would *never* try to do Roger's job, or even suggest that I am capable of it. I'm not a designer, and I have no inclination to be one.

I like Roger, I think he's a stand-up guy. When I've needed something graphical he's always handled it quickly for me. So I feel badly that he took my comments personally and that he was upset by them. I never intended for anything I said to be an attack on him. Roger - I'm sorry.

I might start filtering more posts just to keep the drama down, but I'm not all that secretive a person so if my public posts really bother anyone else, at least have the cojones to say something to me about it.
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