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Eris is unhappy

This time I mean my car. Yesterday on the way to work the engine sputtered a couple of times at idle and the check engine light flickered. Then on the way home it started to idle rough, and the light came on and stayed on. So I checked the fluids. I was down a quart so I topped it off, everything else seemed OK. Didn't see anything loose. I also put in fuel treatment, thinking maybe I got some bad gas, or water contamination, etc. And I topped off the tank with premium to raise the overall octane in case it was knocking. But today it was worse on the way in - and going to lunch it was very rough at a couple of lights, and it was surging under acceleration. So I called my dealer and left work early to drop the car off. Tomorrow I'll find out how hard I'm getting reamed. I don't believe there is any warranty left. I'll be working from home since I don't have a car. Hopefully I'll have it back tomorrow. We'll see.

You know, I was just hoping for a big, unplanned expense going into the holidays.
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