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A night out

While I was trying to decide what to do tonight, kviri called and said that he and frozencapybara were thinking about catching Bulletproof Monk out my way and were up for company. So that settled my plans, we agreed on the 22:10 showing at Solomon Pond.

Since it was only around 20:30 I decided to hit the local T-Mobile store first for some research on my cellular quest for Bluetooth. They do indeed offer the Sony Ericsson T68i and they have data plans. Combined with the good feedback I've heard from a few people, I think I'm leaning towards T-Mobile as my replacement for Verizon so I can get a new BT enabled Palm.

Then I headed over to the Solomon Pond Mall, and oddly enough ended up right behind kviri from the light on the mall road right up until we parked. Since it was only 21:00 or so, we had time to kill, and I hadn't eaten yet, so we split up for a bit. I headed off towards the food court for a quick bite - but first I hit HMV since it was on the way.

I wanted a copy of Drowning Pool's "Bodies", but they didn't have that album in stock. I also figured I'd pick up t.A.T.u.'s "200 km'h in the wrong lane" since I've been listening to "All The Things She Said" for months now on my TiVo since it is one of their demo tracks, and it is certainly catchy. And hey, every collection needs some cute Russian pseudo-lesbians, right? I also picked up the Australian import single of said track because the cover has, get this, an ultra-cute anime style version of the two of them in panties and halters laying on a bed, cuddling. The oddness of using an *anime* style image to sell *Russian* artists was too much to pass up.

While I was in there I also remembed the Crossing Jordan soundtrack was out. Being a major fan of the show (Jill Hennessy is yummy), and liking a lot of the music I've heard on it, I picked that up to. But that wasn't enough - while I was there I spotted two Pop Will Eat Itself CDs I'd never heard of - "Now For A Feast" and "Box Frenzy". Both are dated 2003 from Castle Music - looks like Box Frenzy is a re-release of their debut album with a slew of bonus tracks tossed on. Now For a Feast appears to be a collection of early EP tracks. And from the liner notes on both it sounds like other reissues may be coming. I'll have to check these out. :-)

Anyway, after a quick dinner from Arby's, it was off to the movie. I made the mistake of asking for a large soda - not realizing that meant a kiddie pool with a lid! Ever see the 'Potty' episode of Animaniacs? Wakko was drinking my soda. kviri got a medium, and *that* looked like a 32oz cup. Geez. And what's really messed up is that they offer *FREE REFILLS* on the large size soda and popcorn! Who the hell ever gets a refill? I guess maybe if I were going to see 2 or 3 movies in a row or something I *might* consider it. As it is I didn't finish my soda or medium popcorn.

The movie was entertaining - very silly indeed. I'm glad I saw it. Chow Yun Fat looked like he was having fun with the role, and the wire-work was WAY over the top in this movie. kviri said something like "It's like John Woo saw The Matrix and said 'This would be better with telepathic Nazis'." I'm sure I got that wrong, but oh well. :-) When the Nazis show up in the opening scene it kind of sets the tone for the cheese to come. The fighting was a little silly, and Mr. Funktastic was *so* silly we cracked up (see it, you'll understand).

Jamie King was also very yummy in this film. (Ok, what's with her name? James King? Jaime King? Jamie King?) Russian mob princess with an armored car and a locker full of explosives who kicks ass. Sounds good to me! I like her face, something about her eyes I think.

Ok, so I had a pretty good time tonight, it boosted my mood a bit.
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