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Ocean's Twelve

I went to see Ocean's Twelve tonight - and it was a *blast*. It is very much in the spirit of the old caper movies. It doesn't take itself too seriously, and it is obvious the stars were just having fun with it - and it comes through well. Even the pseudo-fourth-wall-breaking bit worked for me (I won't spoil it). It was fairly amusing. It actually got me laughing out loud at a few points, which was much needed since I've been a morose SOB the past couple of days. (This is a shitty time of year to be alone.) I wish Hollywood would make more caper movies like this - where's The Rat Pack when you need them? Yeah, I know, dead. But this group of actors does a decent job of maintaining the style. (Yes, I know, Ocean's Eleven was a remake of a Rat Pack movie.)

Which reminds me, I also recently got around to watching my Confessions of a Dangerous Mind DVD. That's another fun movie, full of stars who did the job for little pay because it was a funky, cool script.
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