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Pr0n gets dull...

You know the old story about how when you hire someone to work in a candy store you let them eat all they want - and they'll get sick of candy and won't want it all the time? (You don't? Never mind, just trust me, it's an old story.) I think that holds true for most things. Since I deal with adult vendors so much at work, I've gotten real jaded about online pr0n. Oh, look, tits... *yawn* I've actually gotten to the point of being like "Oh, did we need to see that?" One site I was working with as soon as it loaded there was an, ahem, 'splash' page. Looked like she'd just finished a bukkake shoot. At this point the 'professional' stuff is kind of old hat, I'd rather stumble on some real woman's pics than the professional stuff I see all the time. Whee, I'm jaded.

I wish we could get some more 'normal' vendors using PayCash. I know that it makes sense that we're pushing for the adult market - PayPal abandoned it, so we don't have to go up against the biggest player in the industry. And since adult vendors suffer so badly from charge backs, PayCash is especially appealing to them - since we eliminate all charge backs. We've even had a couple of articles in Klixxx, an industry trade magazine. But a little balance would be nice, and I don't want people to think it is only a system for adult vendors. I'm not great about being patient and waiting for things to slowly build. :-) I want to build the best solution *now*.

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