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Assorted stuff

I'm thinking about going to see The Aviator tomorrow. Looks like it might be a decent movie.

I've told a number of people, but I haven't posted anything about it here yet - I'm going to Las Vegas in a couple of weeks for CES. I'll be out there January 3rd - 10th, CES is the 6th - 9th. Work waffled back and forth on exhibiting at Internext - we were going to have a booth, then not, then yes, finally no. Amusingly we did have a booth at the last one, but booked it so late we weren't listed in the program. This time we canceled so late we are listed in the program, but won't have one. However, they did decide to ask me to go to the show for a day or two while I'm in Vegas to shake hands and get business cards, etc. So it looks like I'll be going to another adult show.

Magdalen Hsu-Li will be at Skidmore College, in Saratoga Springs, NY, on March 4th. That looks like the closest she'll be on this tour, unless some new dates are added. So I think I'm going to try to get out there to see her. I can probably stay at my parent's place in Ballston Lake.

Speaking of parents, I called today, being a holiday and all. I'm trying to arrange to go visit them in Florida in February. They were talking about going to Disney World (which is only about an hour north for them) and I was going to go visit them there, then down to their house. So a few days at Disney, then a while at their place. Just visiting, relaxing - not being in MA in February. But things are a little up in the air. My dad hasn't been feeling well - shortness of breath, etc. And apparently he's put on a bunch of weight since his heart attack earlier this year. He had to stop smoking. Also, he has bad knees and it makes it hard for him to walk for very long. Unfortunately my dad and I share some things, like avoiding doctors until we're ready to drop dead. He needs both knees replaced. But the doctor told him that he'll need to do 6 weeks of exercise to prepare for the surgery, then six *months* of therapy - or he'll never walk again. My dad feels that he knows himself and he won't stick with it, so he's just not having the surgery done. Of course, this means he can't do the exercise his heart doctor says he needs to lose weight and strengthen his heart. And if he waits too long to have his knee joints replaced it may do enough damage that the surgery won't take care of it. I wish he'd have the work done, it is worrying my mom, and he'll end up unable to walk.

Of course, I can't chide him too much - I'd probably do the same thing. I can't walk for long now without my back killing me, and the docs say I need to lose weight and do therapy, at least exercise, to toughen up my back. Even if I wasn't overweight, I'm just too big - my body is wearing down under it's own mass, and I'm too lazy to make time to exercise to fight it. One of the benefits of being freaky big - I also tend to have bad posture since nothing in the world is designed for someone my size. I'm always hunched, or slumped, or something. I used to think it was funny, but it annoys me more now. I'd like to be comfortable now and then. Anyway, with my dad's condition kind of poor they may not do the Disney trip, so those plans are in limbo. My mom wants to go, but she won't unless my dad is OK. I'm going to visit them, that's for sure, just not sure exactly how it will go down. Of course, it looks like this means I'll be going to Disney alone *again*, and I keep telling myself 'next time I'll have someone special to go with'.

And what is up with *Texas* getting snow, while MA has no snow on the ground? Thursday night we had a *down pour*. I couldn't even drive full speed on the highway, it was coming down too hard to see without slowing down. That's spring weather, not December 23rd. Insane. Of course, with my luck we'll have a blizzard some day I'm trying to fly out.

I've been a really morose bastard the past few days. I always get kind of down this time of year, but I thought it wasn't that bad this year - but the past couple of days I've been eat-a-gun bleak. Just kind of sitting around thinking about the past, and the present, and feeling fairly worthless and wondering that 'The Point' is. I feel like I've been running in place for ages - another year older, and nothing to show for it. No major accomplishments, too many things left undone, still alone, still trying to pay off my debt... I feel like I'm on a treadmill, and I've forgotten why I'm running in the first place - but I keep running because it is just habit now.

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