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Round up...

I think there are a bunch of things I haven't mentioned that I'd meant to post - forgive me if I did actually cover any of this before.

I haven't forgot about that say nice things meme - I'll knock those off *soon*. Anyone else wants in, go for it.

I did actually manage to see The Incredibles a few weeks ago and it was, well, incredible. A seriously good movie, perhaps Pixar's best - a bit more mature than most of their work. And they keep getting better with their renders. However, the main villain kept giving me flashbacks to the Heat Miser from that old holiday special (which I haven't seen in years).

A couple of weeks ago our company had its xmas party on a Friday night. I'd RSVP'd in the negative, but on the day of the party a number of people, including the CEO, told me I *had* to be there. So I showed up, seeing as it was in the hotel behind the office I just went as I was - black jeans, black polo shirt, black boots, my usual. So I was the least dressed up. Of course, almost everyone was there as a couple, which just reminded me I'm still single. Just as I was heading over mere SMS'd me to ask if I was going to the Ani show in Worcester. Ani show? Doh! I'd completely forgotten that Ani DiFranco was playing at The Palladium that night. So I hemmed and hawed over it at the party for a bit, and a bit after seven I just bailed on the party and went to the show, at eight. mere was there, as well as that_xmas, shogunhb, and a few others. I got to chat with Heidi, the Goddess of Merch, for a while. And the show was pretty good - though I'm really, really tired of people who need to scream things out all the time, especially during some quiet moment when Ani is relating some special story. I waited outside to see if I could say hello, since I haven't chatted with Ani in a few years, but she just hustled out the door and onto the bus. She glanced at me, but I didn't see any recognition - I've chopped off my hair, and I look very different since the last time she saw me. And she had no reason to expect to see me. Oh well. But I really do miss the old days of small shows without all the screaming fans, when she felt comfortable enough to hang out after the show and chat with people, etc. Sometime along the way she became A Star, and people started treating her more as an object, and she pulled away. Things change...

Oh, keeping with my old habits, I've sent a special gift to <lj user="writergeekgirl'>... You'll just have to wait until it arrives, dear... ;-) Hmm, I know there were other things on my mind when I started writing this...
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