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You say its your birthday...

...well its my birthday too, yeah!

Well, it was, 12/26. 34 times around. Not much happened. I'd stayed out all night, so I slept in late. I got a survey call asking me about restaraunts, and what the heck, I did it. Then I called my folks to say hi - I'd called yesterday but my dad had already gone to bed. Then it was off to [Bad username: usagijer&apos;> and <lj user=]'s. We'd talked about going to dinner, but it was already snowing hard, so we stayed in at their place, ordered in from Beijing Palace, and watched Farscape. <lj user="delenn1122'> is getting into it, she got a bunch of the DVDs for xmas. It has been snowing hard all night. Driving home was worse than when I left, I tried to get up the hill to my place and failed, I had to go the long way around to avoid hills on back roads. Then I shoveled out in the hopes it won't be too bad in the morning. Now I'm going to crash and get too little sleep before work.
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