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Make the hurty stop!

Today has not been a good day. Last night I felt 'eh' - and it was way cold. I ended up not sleeping until the wee hours. So I got ~4 hours of sleep. I woke up feeling crappy and considered taking a sick day, but this is a short week and then I'm gone for a week, so I need to get things done. I waffled about it for a while though, making me late. Then I noticed my right front tire was very flat - again. And my left front was low. When I get back I'm going to have to have them checked. Decided, since I felt shitty, not to use the little compressor I have in my car, but to use a gas station. First gas station - air pump out of order. Second - ditto. Third - asshole parked in front of air pump. Comes out with a coffee, and sits in his fucking car for 10 minutes before moving. Quarters wedged into the slot - went in, and they turned it on for me from the inside. Yay. Filled the tires and headed in - by this time the headache was bad. Got to work, took more Excedrin. Instead of killing the headache, it moved it - the right side of my head is fine, the left side is currently experiencing a 'rip-my-fucking-eye-out-please' migraine. The eye, left side of my head, and down the left side of the back of my neck hurt. A lot. Eye is all twitchy, and a little bit of color swirls. Right side - no pain. I feel lopsided.

Just about to give up and leave, and call it a night.

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