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BTW everyone...

I've been using trackballs longer than pretty much anyone I know. I have two TrackMan Marble+ trackballs on my desk at work, one for each box. I don't use one at home simply because I use my laptop with the touchpad and. I have a couple more for my other systems if I ever put them back online. I bought I bunch of these before they went and revised their shape several years ago - the newer shape doesn't fit my hand as nicely. Some of the ones I have are old enough to be pure PS/2, some are USB with the adapters. I've been a trackball advocate for a long time.

So thanks to everyone who has suggested using a trackball in response to my carpal post, but I've got that covered. :-) I probably won't be typing as much the next week in Vegas, so that may help. And if not, I'll look into the brace.
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