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Someday I'll learn...

Oh, I did it again. I was. well, am, interested in someone, but she was seeing someone else. I don't play that game, so I kept back. Then they broke up and she didn't seem interested in any relationship at the time, and there is distance and that relationship was an LDR and she seemed to be against every doing an LDR again. So I convinced myself that there was no point in saying anything, and she probably wouldn't be interested anyway, etc, etc. And I like her and didn't want to risk our friendship on a pointless play for something more.

So she meets someone else, another LDR, and she's seems happy. We were chatting and I made a crack about being jealous - which I am. Then I had to explain why - long story short, I should've said something when I had the chance, she wouldn't have said no.

I really have to stop doing that. Really.

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