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I have mixed feelings...

The Appleseed Movie is coming.

On the one hand, it looks like kind of cheesy CGI animation. On the other... dude, Appleseed! Appleseed is one of my favorite manga stories of all time, and the one cell animated OAV that came out many years ago completely failed to do it justice. This at least looks like the designs and story resemble the original.

(The original OAV also has one of the most notable tech gaffs I've spotted in an anime. Early on there is an overhead shot of a twin rotor helicopter, ala Chinook, landing. They drew it with both rotors rotating the same way. 1. They overlap, even if the rotor discs don't normally mesh (vertical separation), it is a *bad* idea because it can happen. You want them to counter-rotate to inter-mesh safely. 2. You also want them to counter-rotate to cancel the torque. That's why twin rotor choppers don't need a tail, aka anti-torque, rotor. (Which brings to mind an old GI Joe toy I saw years ago - much like the 'Skystryker' was a tweaked F-14, this was a troop chopper, and it was a kind of tweaked Chinook - only the toy designer had added a completely pointless tail rotor to it!) That Appleseed gaff bugged me the first time I watched it, and has bugged me every since.)

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