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Attn: Eris. Ha-Ha. Very funny. Fuck you too.

So I'm sitting here in the Las Vegas airport. It is 14:46, my flight was supposed to leave at 13:50. I got to to the airport at like 11:00, just to be safe in case there was a line at security due to CES. (There wasn't.)

So, the previous flight at my gate was late pushing back, keeping my plane off the gate. This delayed my flight, making it likely that I'd miss my connection in Dallas since it was going to be a close call to start with. There was another flight through Chicago - but since I checked a bag they refused to shift me to that flight as it was too late to move my bag. Then there was some 'minor' issue with my plane, causing a further delay - making it almost certain I'd miss my connection. Which, by the way, is the last flight of the night from Dallas to Boston. After the Chicago flight left they announced that the 'minor' issue how has a 18:00 decision time from maintenance as to whether the flight will leave at all tonight. And we have the choice of being put up overnight in Vegas to leave on the first flight tomorrow, or flying to Dallas - if the flight leaves - and if we miss our connections (ha!) being put up overnight there to catch the first flight to Boston in the morning.

Oh, and I don't *feel* sick - but I've started pouring sweat again. I wonder if I have some allergy to Sudafed. Of course, all my clothes and such are in my checked bag.

I'm staying calm, there isn't much else I can do. Some woman had a hysteric break down, sobbing and collapsing at the gate counter - I guess she's missing something important because of this, or she just doesn't handle adversity well.

So the question is - do I take the room here, or try to fly to Dallas? I think that if I can get to Dallas tonight I could make it to Boston earlier tomorrow.

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