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This really sucks

Today is a pot luck lunch at work. Last night I went shopping on the way home, and when I came out of the store we'd received a couple of inches of snow. Heavy, wet snow that was coming down hard and fast. So when I got home I made a pot of chili. While that was simmering I made dinner, tried to relax, and I managed to crash sometime before 3. Not too bad... except that a bit before 6 I woke up. Same as I have the past couple of days - a pounding headache waking me up from a dead sleep. I took Excedrin and the headache is mostly gone. I tried getting back to sleep, but I was wide awake. Now, a couple of hours later, I feel like I could sleep again. Except if I do that I'll never get up for work. So today is going to suck, more than yesterday.

Oh, yeah, and I have to shovel out before I can leave.
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