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I'm not very good at doing the same thing for a long time. I get bored, I get restless... When things get routine for me, I get easily distracted. During my career I've moved on a number of times - I realized a few days ago that it looks like Cyphermint will soon be the longest lasting employer I've had. I was with Xylogics only ~10 months before I took a much better offer from Livingston and moved to Cali. Livingston/Lucent is my longest lasting position, I was there about 2 years, 6 months. Then I was with GTEI a bit less than 1 year, 11 months. I actually quit at the end of the first year, after 11 months and I'd accepted an offer from Allaire, but got talked into sticking around for a new role for the next year. Then I was with Event Zero 1 year, 3 months until the second round of layoffs. I had a three month contract with And then I was unemployed for 16 months, with small contracts here and there. Until Cyphermint, where I've been for 2 years, 3 months. It is hard to believe, time has flown. Sometimes I feel like we've been working flat out the whole time. Lately I've had a little itch of restlessness. I don't know why I get that. It seems like when I get settled in some place, I get nervous or something.
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