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Memories - *ahem* - MegaZone's Safety Valve — LiveJournal
The Ramblings of a Damaged Mind
Memories - *ahem*
In my 'Memories' entry I said "I turned on screening for all comments - so you can post privately if you wish. If it is OK to make it public please say so, otherwise I won't." I have 6 comments which don't say it is OK to unscreen, yet from the content they seem intended to be unscreened. I'm tempted to just unscreen them - but I said I wouldn't... So, the six of you, you know who you are, want to say if it is OK? ;-)

EDIT: OK, screw it, I'm unscreening them - and now if people WANT them kept private, they have to say so. (I'm toggling it from 'default kept screened' to 'default I unscreen them' in other words.)

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kadnkadnk From: kadnkadnk Date: February 8th, 2005 11:03 pm (UTC) (Direct Link)
Clearly, I don't read well for comprehension. Please feel free to make my comment public.
jetblack From: jetblack Date: February 8th, 2005 11:22 pm (UTC) (Direct Link)
And I made a mental note to say it was okay to unscreen mine, too. Feel free. :)

-- ZC
z_gryphon From: z_gryphon Date: February 9th, 2005 04:31 am (UTC) (Direct Link)
Ah, that most ancient of choices in data security - implicit deny or implicit allow?
zonereyrie From: zonereyrie Date: February 9th, 2005 02:14 pm (UTC) (Direct Link)
7threality From: 7threality Date: February 9th, 2005 02:56 pm (UTC) (Direct Link)
I am embarassed that I read too fast and thought unscreened was the default unless you specified that you wanted it anon...
(Deleted comment)
zonereyrie From: zonereyrie Date: February 9th, 2005 03:01 pm (UTC) (Direct Link)
Sorry - I re-screened it.