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Well, I'm going to AnimeNext - and a Perl update

One of the guys behind AnimeNext, down in Rye Brook, NY, had emailed me a couple of times inviting me down to the con. He offered me a comp for the convention if I came down. I thought about it for a bit, and today I just decided to do it - the con isn't until October, but I just booked my room. It is only ~3 hours away, so I'll be driving down. I felt guilty about taking a comp just because I'm me, so I volunteered to be on some panels too, and run the fanfic and fansite panels if they need someone to do them.

It is a fairly small con - mostly US guests, etc. Which I'm kind of looking forward too - I tend to end up going to be larger cons like AX, Otakon, and the claustrophobically packed Anime Boston. (I didn't spend much time at AB actually - the place was too crowded for my tastes. I was looking to relax, and it wasn't possible.)

My room has two double beds, despite being a 'single'. So I might end up seeing if a friend wants to go.

In other news, I have two files left to port in this Perl effort. And I've decided to use XML::LibXML - unless I run into real problems trying to use it. I'm hoping I can finish the port tomorrow. Then I can go back and clean things up and comment the code more, etc. I've never actually done PerlDoc in any of the scripts I've written, so I might try my hand at that too. :-)
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