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There's just one more thing sir...

Oh, yeah, I've also been feeling the itch to move to the Bay Area again - as impractical as that is. My friends are here, I have a fairly stable job here, etc. But, damn, I've been thinking about the Bay Area a lot lately. When rhysara asked about things to do on her trip out there, it really just stoked the fires again - hanging out at the Emeryville Public Market, walking around Telegraph Avenue on weekends, driving down the PCH just because, hitting J-Town in SF, driving up into the hills overlooking Berkeley and Oakland... *sigh*

In related news, my landlady is selling the building. Her father isn't well, so I guess she's selling to pull up stakes and go be with him. So I need to pick this place up a bit as the realtor will be showing it. I'd already decided that I'm going to move. I didn't stick to the house hunt last summer since I got real iffy about my job for a while, but since it seems like I'm probably not going anywhere for a while (barring TiVo making me an offer out of the blue - I've basically given up hope on finding an in) I'm planning to start looking again when it warms up.
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