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Do over!

I call a do over on today!

I woke up late. With a headache.

I didn't leave the house yesterday, so I have to shovel this morning before I left. Running late.

As I was shoveling my new $400 Treo 650 slipped out of the leather holster on my hip and fell to the ground into the snow. The holster stayed on my hip. I thought I was OK - it turned on, screen not cracked. Later I noticed cracks in the plastic next to the screen - and the digitizer (aka touch screen) is dead. I've had it 2 weeks. Hopefully they consider this a warranty repair.

My car's power steering is low on fluid for sure. Considering I put in most of a bottle last week to top it off, I definitely have a leak. This spells money and time. *sigh*

I never got lunch. I had a packet of peanut butter crackers and a Pepsi.

My headache is getting much worse, edging into migraine territory.

I say again, I call a do over. You hear me Eris?

The one highlight of my day is the laugh z_gryphon gave me in a comment on this entry in disasterporn - so good I had to post it to metaquotes:
If you're standing next to a creek that appears to consist entirely of gasoline - and to be quite frank about it, if it was anything like the way the guy at the beginning of the show described it, you'd have to be a real piece of Samsonite not to notice - you may wish to consider the outside possibility that it might not be an appropriate time to flick your goddamn Bic. Sorry, distraught parents, but it sounds to me like your kid's friend was just plain stupid.
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