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A review of Undocumented Features

norikos_author posted a glowing review of Undocumented Features today. Wow...

It gave me very mixed feelings. Because I was involved in a lot of that - one of the scenes I'm really proud of is briefly mentioned, where Corwin screams in with Daggerdisc to rescue everyone. I remember plotting that scene out with z_gryphon at The Shamrock House - it was, and still is, *extremely* vivid in my minds eye. I wish I had the dollars and skills to animate it. Scenes like that really stick in my head - I think I'm a frustrated action director - another one is the scene in Hopelessly lost where G.O.D. smashes through the aerodyne.

But it is mixed because I fell out of writing a couple of years ago. I'd already been kind of on the edges - working more on plotting and such with Gryph, and not as much actual writing - but over time I contributed less and less, and eventually stopped. It wasn't really intentional - just one of those life things. I started a new job and got really busy, Gryph moved to Maine and the synergy we had was disrupted by distance. I'm far more creative when he's around to bounce ideas off of. Gryph is really the one with the gift - I find it much easier to create when he's around to bounce things off of in real time. I've also never been good about sitting in the EPU IRC channels - and that's forbidden at work anyway, where i am most of the time people are talking shop.

I really miss writing. But I feel so out of the loop, and I don't want to be a spare tire either. I know it frustrates Gryph to have to pull people up to speed and play editor all the time, and he has enough shit to deal with. To be honest, I haven't even *read* the stories since the middle of the second Symphony. I don't know - it just bothered me in some way. I guess it was something I was part of that I recognized I wasn't any more, and it was easier just not to deal with it. I also dropped off the EPU forums at about the same time.

After reading the review though - I think I need to make some time and catch myself up. Who knows, maybe I can find a way to contribute again. I've cut out pretty much everything in my life other than work. I have no lover. I don't seem to read many books that aren't work related. I have dozens of unwatched DVDs just sitting there. I haven't written prose or poetry in a couple of years. All work and no play makes Zoner no fun.

I think Gryph was kind of a balancing influence in my life - when he was around it kept me from obsessing too much, and it always kept my creative spark lit. I need to stop being lazy and make an effort to do it for myself I guess.
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