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I never knew there was a site named Slashdong
SeXBox: Using force feedback signals for sex toys

From tarzxf. Edit: And what the hell, I just added a feed: slashdong

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zonereyrie From: zonereyrie Date: February 24th, 2005 10:59 pm (UTC) (Direct Link)
Oh - that's somewhat primitive compared to real teledildonics:

Welcome to the future. ;-)

(Now if I can convince someone to try this stuff out...)
qdot From: qdot Date: February 25th, 2005 02:09 am (UTC) (Direct Link)
Hey, you're insulting my project by calling it primitive next to a vacuum pump on a potentiometer, and a current regulator on an RF circuit! :)

Really, there's really very little interesting engineering wise about teledildonics at the moment. Right now it's more just the fact that people are realizing that we've got processing in small enough packages that we can now put it near our no-no zones easily. I don't see anything really cool happening with it for a while.
zonereyrie From: zonereyrie Date: February 25th, 2005 03:07 am (UTC) (Direct Link)
I think your project is cool - I did add the syndicated feed. ;-)

I mean it is 'local' - control to toy. What is more exciting to me is the 'tele' in teledildonics - being able to control sex toys over the net.

Actually, what would be the dream is a simulation suit and VR, so you touch your virtual lover and they feel it, and vice versa. I think the closest thing now is the very primitive connection of Fleshlight with a toy on the other end, where the man's thrusts will vary the speed and vibrations on the other end, but it isn't really conveying the actions.
qdot From: qdot Date: February 25th, 2005 03:36 am (UTC) (Direct Link)
Heheh, yeah, I was just being silly. ;)

Technically, when XBox live is taken into account, this *is* teledildonics. One of the videos I plan on making is showing someone getting shot on Halo2 over XBL, and having the toy trigger off of that.

The suit thing would be really cool, but it's way, way off. Right now we're stuck with air pressure sensors on the Fleshlight and vibration caused by video games. :)