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Well, that explains a bit...

I was just updating the Flex Time tracking sheet we use at work with the time off I'm taking for my Florida trip this month - and it looks like the last time I took an extended time off was February 2004. I took a long weekend in March 2004 Fri-Mon. In January this year I used 3 vacation days - I went to Vegas and worked Internext, then stayed a few days for CES. But the last time I took a week off was February last year - which was also my last trip down to see my folks. I knew it had been a while, but I didn't realize it had been quite that long.

I get 120 hours vacation time (3 weeks) plus 16 hours personal time a year. I rolled over 96 hours from last year (technically only 80 is allowed, but since I took 24 the first week of the year, they let it slide). Even after this trip I'll have only used 88 (one sick day in there). I'll still have over three weeks of time coming this year, 144 hours - 64 of which I have to use or lose.

I think I will be going to PMX this year. That's a few days. Maybe I will try that 'drive across the country' plan. Rent a convertible maybe. It'd be nice if I had an SO who could make the trip though...
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