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A decent weekend

On the way home Friday I stopped off at Suncoast and grabbed a few DVDs - mainly I was there to pick up Get Shorty. I couldn't remember if I'd seen it before and I wanted to before seeing Be Cool. I decided to get dinner out, so I hit Chili's. I thought about going to Ralph's, but with the sleep dep and some drinks with dinner I was wobbly, so I decided to veg at home. Crashed sometime in the wee hours of Saturday and slept >12 hours. I watched Get Shorty (and I had seen it before I realized, but I like it), and the extras disc. Then I headed out and saw Be Cool.

It isn't as good as the first movie, but it was still a decent movie. I laughed out loud at a few things, which is unusual for me. I could stand to see it again - which says the most, since I almost never see movies more than once. I did miss Rene Russo, I like her better than Uma Thurman.

I stayed up well past dawn for no good reason, just watching TiVo and DVDs (well, I went to the 00:20 movie, so I didn't even get home until close to 03:00), and dicking around online. Slept the middle of the day, then got up and was doing some stuff online. Got caught up and that and was running late for Sunday dinner, which was casual tonight - hanging out with usagijer and delenn1122. Just as I was getting ready my mom called to go over details of my visit in a couple of weeks. Looks like we are going to visit Disney - they made reservations for themselves at the Fort Wilderness campground (they have an RV). I'm staying at one of the hotels at Downtown Disney (I guess the other reasonable places are all booked up), and I'll drive their Durango up from WPB. Fine with me - last time I visited I decided to make reservations for Disney *that night* and drove up. My dad bought the Hemi powered Durango - nice power curve, I like driving it. ;-) Not their Merc SLK, but they haven't allowed my to drive that - it is their little red baby. ;-)

I eventually did make it over to House, picking up McD's on the way since I didn't want to deal with ordering something, and we watched a few shows about Tornados while we relaxed and chatted. Sometimes you have to wonder if they find the dumbest people for these shows or what? There were a few cases of someone just slipping out of Darwin's grasp. When someone calls to tell you you need to take shelter, don't blow it off. Even if you doubt them, perhaps you should turn on the radio or TV to listen to the warnings. Don't wait until you see a stove and refrigerator flying by outside to panic and seek shelter. That's waiting a little too long, OK?

So home for a bit, crashing soon. Back to the grind in the morning.
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