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I'm in Jupiter!

I haven't been online since Thursday, er, well, early Friday. I've been lucky - the Song flight down was *packed* and there were almost no empty seats - except the one next to me. Which spared me from being cramped for the flight, and spared some poor soul from having my elbow in their space. I did have a minor stroke of bad luck; I'd left for Logan early enough to park in Economy, but the lots were full and blocked off, so I ended up in Central Parking @ $22/day instead of the $16/day economy. Oh well, I'm not going to let it bug me. I can suck it up. And yes, I know, there are airport shuttles, etc. I've used them, I just don't care for them. So I pay for my preference.

So I'm chillin' in Jupiter, Florida at my folks' place. Their 11g network is still working since I set it up last year. :-) (And someone within range has an unsecured network, the fools. I connected just to see if it would work - it did.) We're getting ready to go visit my aunt (who also moved down here a little while back), and then we're going to dinner - and mainly just relaxing.

I think we're going to Disney Tue-Fri. My parents are taking their RV and staying in Fort Wilderness, and I'm staying in a hotel in Downtown Disney. I wonder if they'll have a smokin' Scottish barmaid at the pub in the UK pavilion again this year. ;-)

I wish I was going to be here for a few weeks, but I have to fly back next Monday and back to work Tuesday.
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