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Something good from the Terry Schiavo case

It gave Jon Stewart a great segment. (MOV) Thanks for the pointer donnerjack!

I can't believe that fraud John Edward actually had the balls to jump into this case as some kind of expert. He's a cut rate psychic who had one of the worst shows on television. It was so very obviously fake, I watched it a few times and I can't believe anyone could really believe that was psychic and not cold reading. So he can cold read people, so can any number of con men - which is all he is. Jesus, that man needs to be run over by a truck. I'm still amazed he managed to get a TV show out of his parlor tricks. (I remain agnostic on psychic issues in general - but I'm 100% convinced Edward is a fake just from watching him.)

And just to say it - I'm on the 'let her die' side of the fence. And memo to self - I really need to get a will, living will, and all the other legal shit you need. I'll state for the record - if I'm in the kind of state she's in, just fucking kill me.
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