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Missing appointments sucks

I was supposed to have a dental appointment at 12:20 today. Standard checkup/cleaning, and I was going to ask about the on/off ache in one tooth (it seems to be mostly 'off' now, but I've been paying special attention to that area when brushing and letting the Listerene sit there for a bit to soak things, just in case). Well, I was running a little late (ME?! NEVER!), but still probably would've made it on time. I mean, they're like 4 blocks from my house, very close.

But the dental office isn't where I thought it was. Since their address is 63 Lincoln Street, I expected it to be on, oh, LINCOLN STREET! Not set back behind the Girls, Inc. building down a sidestreet. No part of their bulding faces Lincoln Street! Since there are other medical buildings just past the side street, and I know the numbering in that area, I had thought it was part of that group of buildings. I mean, it isn't on the other side of 290, and right next to 290 is Girls, Inc, then the street, then the medical buildings. What would you think?

So it wasn't in there, I back-tracked and spotted the sign set back on the side street. Then it turns out it is a two-level building, built into the side of the embankment, so the front door is some other office, the dentist is up-back. So I ended up getting there around 12:30, to find that, since I was late, they'd given my slot to someone else. So I just filled in the paperwork that I had to do as a first time patient anyway. They tried to tell me they had no slots available in May (!!), so I mentioned that I had a "mild toothache" and, well, there was this open slot on Wednesday, May 7th.

So I miss more work next week. Fortunately my bosses are cool, and we've all been working long hours lately, so I've still done my full week's work even with missing this morning.

And I thought this'd be out of the way today.
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