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Today was a very good day

First of all, it was fantastic out - about 70F, sunny, breezy - just perfect.

And I went looking at houses - as I mentioned I was going to yesterday. I looked at four places. Dover street had too many issues that worried me - the porch roof needs to be redone, the side door on the garage is totally rotted out and needs to be replaced, the back door of the house is *so* insecure - needs replacing, the roof looks curled and cracked in spots... Just not the right place. The house at 23 County is *HUGE*, and very quirky. And I was right about it being extended a few times - turns out it started out life as a mobile home and they built a huge house around it. It was way more house than I needed, and some of the quirks were rather annoying, so that's out. Sherburne was mostly OK. But it had a few issues that I wasn't happy with.

But Fairhaven... I think I may have already found my new home. I walked in and the place was just perfect. I didn't see *anything* wrong with the house or yard that wasn't trivial - there's one window that's been patched but I'd want it replaced, a missing gutter downspout, and a couple of other small items. Most of the stuff I can do myself. But the house - great layout, great rooms, *fantastic* main room with vaulted ceiling, finished basement, good location... I went back later on my own and took a bunch of photos and some video with my phone. (You can use QuickTime to view .3gp files.) I dropped by HOUSE and usagijer and delenn1122 went back over with me and we all looked the place over - and they both thought it was perfect for me too.

I'm going to keep looking, just in case, but I think this is probably going to be the place. This is a listing for the house and this is another one.
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