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A Good Day - MegaZone's Safety Valve
The Ramblings of a Damaged Mind
A Good Day
Well, I woke up a bit earlier than I expected to today (read, before noon), but that meant I got out of the house and enjoyed the lovely day we had.

But, before I did, I shaved my head again! Feels neat to be Mr. Clean again - you don't realize how much weight hair has until you cut it off and suddenly your head feels lighter. It wasn't as dramatic as last spring when I sheared off a couple of feet (>11 years worth) of hair, since this was only since late November or so, but it was noticable. Still is really - I can sense it in my scalp, nothing pulling on it, no feeling when I turn my head of a separate mass, etc.

So I got cleaned up and went out. I hit the AT&T Wireless store again and chatted up Emily, again - and bought a phone from her. I got the Sony Ericsson T68i, as planned. I'm still figuring out all the features (yes, I will read the book), but it is slightly smaller and much lighter than the original Digital StarTac I've carried around for ~4 years. And the feature set is fairly impressive - I love the bright, crisp color screen and the blue backlight on the buttons. Very nice. Emily is going to call me when they have more Jabra BlueTooth headsets in stock and I'm going to check them out. I just wish my NZ90 would ship - the guy I bought it from paid for a shipping label from UPS, but it hasn't been dropped-off/picked-up yet. I want my toy. :-)

So after buying the phone I hit Applebee's for lunch (it is next door to the AT&T store). Then it was back to Worcester. I grabbed slarti from his place and we went off to Showcase North to catch X2 @ 19:00.

X2 was a blast! I loved it. There was some obvious telegraphing for X3, but that's fine. Most of the acting came from Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen, but that's not surprising. I think Hugh Jackman did a great job as Logan, again - and he really kicked some ass in this one. I've never really read the X-Men comics, so most of my exposure to them has been through friends, and through X-Men: Evolution. I've seen almost all of the animated series to date.

When Wolverine went house on the soldiers in the school, it just kicked so much ass. He is not a good man to piss off. The cameos by Collossus, Kitty Pride, etc, were nice to see. I have no idea who most of the kiddie mutants were - like remote control kid, or the shrieking girl, etc. Slarti and I totally lost it when Magneto pulls all the pins on the soldiers' grenades. That was fucking great! Real artistry in that - no dramatic bit with him coming down the hallway, deflecting the bullets, etc. That's really what I expected them to do - I'm glad they didn't. The pin trick was so much more elegant - very much his style. Though I don't think Magneto really thought through that whole 'kill all the humans' bit. In the modern world, if the majority if the population up and died, those left would have hell on earth. Millions of rotting corpses, not enough people to operate the infrastructure of the modern world - farming, transporting food, generating power, etc. It'd be like the superflu from The Stand. Not pretty.

Nice to see Rogue getting some - at least a kiss. I've always felt for her - I'm such a touchy feely person that the idea of not being able to make skin contact with another person is really scary to me. But I figure she could have sex, etc, with the aid of modern science. Yeah, so it'd be a body condom kind of thing, but it'd work. ;-)

So, they clearly set up Jean Grey to be Phoenix when they make X3 (I'm pretty sure when, not if). That'll be interesting.

I think they did Nightcrawler's teleporting effect nicely - it looked really good.

So I've been home a little while. Still have some energy, and it is only 23:20, so I'm thinking maybe I should go over to Ralph's or something.

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fallenpegasus From: fallenpegasus Date: May 3rd, 2003 08:45 pm (UTC) (Direct Link)
The screaming girl would have been "Banshee", or slightly more correctly "Banshee II". In the original comic, Banshee lost his voice and his power to throad cancer from smoking.
ardaniel From: ardaniel Date: May 3rd, 2003 09:12 pm (UTC) (Direct Link)
That would be his daughter, Theresa Cassidy, better known to most Claremont-era X-fans as Siryn.
damienroc From: damienroc Date: May 4th, 2003 03:51 am (UTC) (Direct Link)
For other mutant cameos.

Artie Maddocks. Seemed rather changed from his comic book self, when he had no hair, large eyes with no irises or pupils, and "spoke" telepathically in pictures... They got the picture thing across when he drew the kiss between Rogue and Iceman. The tongue is new.

I'm going to -guess- that the remote control kid was supposed to be Taki (from X-Terminators). Difficult to tell, because Taki was a super-inventor. He was a shrimpy kid with glasses, though.

Also, while Mystique was going through Stryker's files, you see the name "Remy" onscreen for a brief moment; a reference to Gambit.

Like in the first film, Jubilee has a brief cameo.

Third film will the Dark Phoenix saga. I'm going to expect that Colossus and Shadowcat will get larger parts, and we'll see the Hellfire Club. I'm not sure how they'll write Magento into that storyline, but the Sentinels should show up.