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Blog syndication - KBlogger & Dean Edwards

KBlogger is a blog site associated with Klixxx magazine. Klixxx is aimed primarily at the adult webmaster market, but it has some decent info for all webmasters.

kblogger is the feed for the entire KBlogger site.
kblogger_mz is the feed for 'Digital Soapbox', which is my KBlogger blog.
kblogger_tdavid is the feed for TDavid's Blog on KBlogger, which is mainly tech related
(There are many other sub-blogs there, if you want others split out just ask me and I'll make the feed here. If you do it yourself, please follow this naming scheme for sanity's sake.)

I also added a feed for Dean Edwards's blog and links: deanedwards_wl
Dean is known for creating several useful web development tools, but is most famous for this outstanding IE7 JavaScript library, which brings standards support for CSS to Internet Explorer. This is a *godsend* for anyone trying to do standards compliant web development, since IE6 has such terrible support for the current standards. Using this library allows you to use most of today's standards as supported by good browsers, like Firefox and Opera, and have it work in IE6 as well.

This is the combined feed for his blog and links - I can add the feed for just one or the other as well if anyone wants.

Edit: I discovered dean_edwards already exists as a feed of just his blog, and on request deanedwards_lnk now exists as a feed for just his links.
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