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House update

No house yet. Totally unsurprisingly they couldn't get the work I found on Wednesday done to close on Friday. No one called me today either. Tomorrow I guess I'll call my lawyer again or something. It wouldn't be so frustrating except he's had months to do this shit. First he waited until I signed the P&S and put money down. OK, fine, I can kind of accept that he didn't want to commit to doing work until he had a signed agreement to take the house if he did. But then he dragged his feet, got over two weeks extension to do it, *had people in to do it*, and *still missed shit*. He had a complete list. How hard is "all lights, switches, and outlets must be in working order"? When the lights don't go on "Oh, the bulb must be burned out" isn't OK - working order means you replace the bulb. All debris means *all debris* - not everything except the shit that's hard to dump, like a battery.

I'd guess it'll happen sometime this week since it is close and he wants the rest of the money.
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