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House update

I did another walk through today. All the debris are gone. There are locks and cranks on the windows. They're the *wrong* locks and the cranks are cheap and fugly. But, fuck it, they lock the windows and I'll replace them later with the correct looking Anderson components. I just didn't like windows that couldn't be locked. There is one GFI outlet that isn't working correcting, which kind of surprised the foreman because he had tested it before. Seems like the interrupt - well, interrupted and won't reset. But that's it, and I consider that minor. He said he'll replace it anyway.

So, I agreed. I was hoping to close tomorrow, but schedules don't align, so the closing will be 10:30 Monday morning.

Yep, I'll finally own a house as of Monday.

In other news - I feel like shit. I was stressing out about this last night. I was really fucking tired and wanted to crash around 03:30 - but I tossed and turned until well past 05:00, maybe even closer to 06:00, I lost track. Toss, turn, get up for some water, start to drift off, think about house, stress out, toss, turn... UGH. And even after I fell asleep I woke up mid-morning, and then again around 10:30 (my alarm was set for 11:00), so I was just up. WAY too little sleep, and what there was of it was shitty. So I'm cranky and tired and unfocused. So while I'm excited about the house finally coming together, I'm not really 'feeling it' yet since I'm so wiped out.

And now I'm just stressing out about all the calls I need to start making... heating repair, cable, phone, data, electric, water, gas, locksmith, ADT... Buying a range/oven, lawn mover, trimmer... I need to calm the fuck down...
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