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New Megazone 23 Animation Announced

This was just pointed out to me:

6-5-05 (5:41AM EST)---- New Megazone 23 Animation Announced
Nikkei Characters Magazine issue no. 8 released May 25th in Japan has a mention that production has started up on a new Megazone 23 work. Aparantly returning will be the main characters including Eve and the transforming motorcycle Garland. Well known character designer Haruhiko Mikimoto (Macross) of the first series will return to design characters. Full details such as the nature (remake / sequel) or format (movie, TV / OAV series) were not disclosed.

I'd kind of like it if they ignored Part 3 and went from Part 2. I always thought 3 was kind of weak, and lower quality animation.
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